8 Best Free Customer Success Tools You Should Know

In order to create sustained growth and profitability for your business, it is essential that you focus on delivering Customer Success. Your customers are the most crucial part of your business. Therefore, you need to always focus on how you can improve your relationship with your customers and reduce churn.

How do you do that?

By incorporating some of the best customer success tools available on the market. Here you can find a comprehensive list of the 15 Best Customer Success Tools in 2020

However, for many start-up companies, it can be difficult to decide on which customer success tools to include in their business operations. Because, once you start looking, you will discover that there are numerous customer success tools on the market.

Some of the customer success tools will be easier for you to start working with than others. Furthermore, you will notice that some tools come at a cost, while others are completely free.

For any start-up business, it is preferable to keep all expenses at a minimum. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply some of the most convenient and cost-effect customer success tools available.

In this article, you will find a list of the 8 best free customer success tools you should know. All of these tools can help you get started on delivering outstanding customer success.

The best part – they are free to use!

However, delivering exceptional Customer Success is not easy. It is a complex and uncertain process. It requires hard work, a great focus, time, energy, and the right customer success tools.

So should you just use the same customer success tools as your best friend? The answer to this question is no.

Because you need to keep in mind that all businesses are individual, different and unique in their own way. Only when your business is using the right customer success tools that match your customers, it will start to be profitability and sustain long-term growth.

From the list below you can get inspired and acquire more knowledge of the 8 best free customer success tools you should know. Then you can choose the customer success tools that seem just right for you and your clients.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang free customer success tool

I think we can all acknowledge the fact, that a lot of time is spent on emails when managing a business. Valuable time, that sometimes seems to be wasted and could have been spent more efficiently.

However, with the Boomerang tool for Gmail, you can win back some of your precious time.

Boomerang for Gmail is a tool that allows you to control when you send and receive email messages.

The Boomerang for Gmail tool includes:

  • Scheduling your emails. By using Boomerang, you will be able to write an email now and schedule it to automatically be sent out at just the right time. You simply write the email and then hit the button “Send Later”. Here you can use a convenient calendar picker to inform Boomerang about when to send your message.
  • Get follow up reminders. Boomerang can also be used if you prefer to have a clear inbox, however, you still want to remember important messages. Use Boomerang to remove messages from your inbox until you actually have time to manage them. With Boomerang, you can archive a message, and choose a time where you want the email to re-appear in your inbox. You can even decide if the message should be marked unread, starred or go to the top of your message list.
  • Get reminders if you are missing a response. If you need to make sure you follow up on a message within a specific time frame, Boomerang can also help you with that. Here you can choose to be reminded if nobody replies, or regardless. Then you will never forget to follow up on important messages again.

This customer success tool is very easy to get started with. You simply add the extension or plugin to your browser and your Gmail is ready to provide you with control.



Calendly customer succes tool

Do you spend a lot of time sending emails back and forth to schedule meetings? Moreover, do you feel like your time could be used more efficiently elsewhere?

Then the Calendly customer tool should be just right for you!

Calendly is an impressive software, that can help to schedule meetings for you and everyone in your company.

How it works:

  • You set up your availability preferences in Calendly.
  • Embed your Calendly links on your website or share it via email.
  • Customers can choose a time and Calendly automatically checks for availability in your calendar.
  • Your meeting is scheduled in your calendar and you are ready to meet your next customer.


Boomerang free customer success tool

With just one simple customer success tool, you can manage your entire pipeline of business projects and your complete base of customers.

How? By using Streak, which is a customer success tool you can manage from inside your Gmail.

Steak actually allows you to organize and manage everything within your business CRM chain, including your support, upsells, hiring, and customer onboarding processes.

How Steak works:

  • Set up your relevant customer lifecycle stages in Steak.
  • Be able to track all your customers’ progress and messages at all stages.
  • Set up automated responses through snippets to answer the most commonly asked questions by your customers.
  • Build a shared knowledge-library including your best solutions and answers for your customers.
  • Understand and analyze the full history with every customer. Then you know if you are managing a long-time customer who is experiencing his first problem or a well-known customer by your support team.

Simply put, Streak actually empowers you to convert your Gmail into a customer success tool that can help you manage your entire pipeline.


SurveyMonkey customer success tool

Do you know everything your customers are thinking about your business?

Probably not.

Would you like to understand your customers better?

If you have your own company, then the answer to the last question should be yes!

Because it is very crucial that you and your team understand, what your customers are thinking about your offerings, products, and services.

By understanding your customers’ needs and issues, you will be able to provide a better service for your customers. However, it can also help you to prospect new customers from your competitors.

SurveyMonkey allows you to carry out online surveys in an easy and convenient manner.

It is simple to create a survey using SurveyMonkey. You can even get survey templates to speed up the process.

Once you have completed your survey you can share it with your relevant audience using either a web link, your social media accounts, send it via email, or embed the survey on your website.

The answers from your surveys will provide you with actionable insights and present you with new perspectives.


hubspot CRM tool

Are you looking for a software product that can help you track, organize and build better relationships with your customers?

Then Hubspot might be just the customer success tool that you are searching for.

Hubspot offers different solutions plans from you to choose from. One of them is free and still, includes a great number of benefits that you can employ inside your company.

The service hub software includes:

  • Organize and prioritize customer inquiries and issues with a ticket system.
  • Live chat on your website to interact in real-time with your customers.
  • A collective inbox that allows your team to manage customer emails, chats and more from one platform.
  • Build and share a knowledge base that contains helpful articles and resources regarding your customers’ most frequently asked questions.
  • Conversational Bots that can direct customers to relevant chat agents and help articles.
  • Possibility to conduct surveys, in order for your team to gather customer feedback. This can help improve your overall customer experience.


Mindmeister free customer success tool

Have you ever been involved in a brainstorming project where many great ideas were shared, but hard to capture?

If so, I don’t think you are the only one.

Because when running a business, it is often very helpful to include brainstorming or mind mapping processes. This will allow you and your team to gain perspective and come up with new solutions for different issues.

MindMeister is a great customer success tool that can help you with visualizing your thoughts and ideas.

With MindMeister, you get help to clarify your thinking as you can visualize just about anything with this tool. By using this tool, you will not only get your thoughts down on paper, but you will also be able to map them out. That is really beneficial in different aspects of your business.

How MindMeister works:

  • Set up a collaborative mind map from your web browser, tablet or smartphone.
  • Invite an unlimited number of people to access the mind map.
  • Collaborate with all users in real-time. This will ensure that everyone is always on the same page. All participants can be in a face-to-face meeting or far apart, it does not make any difference.
  • When a change is made within the mind map, it is instantly updated for all participants to see.
  • Use the integrated chat function, where you can discuss ideas inside the mind map editor.

When you create a new mind map project it will be private, so only you can access it. However, you can invite participants and share the documents whenever you want and with as many people as you wish.

The MindMeister tool also allows you to set up comments and votes within a specific mind map project. This will allow you to get feedback, exchange perspectives of new topics, etc. from relevant participants, externals, customers, and/or colleagues.

Finally, you can access MindMeister’s History Mode, where you can go back in time and track every single step of your mind map project. Here you will find that all changes to the mind map are time-stamped and even color-coded. This is an effortless way to check which collaborator contributed to what and when.


UberConference customer success tool

If you have been running your own company for even just a short amount of time, you will probably already know that conference calls are a part of doing business. Conference calls are simply unavoidable and necessary at some points.

Consequently, we are happy that we came across UberConference as a customer success tool. Because UberConference is actually a great conference tool that can create a pleasant experience for everyone involved in the conference.

By using the UberConference app, you can connect via your phone or from your device. It is also easy to share your screen or a document with everybody involved in the conference call.


slack customer succes tool

Many companies already use Slack as a way of communication between teams within the company. However, Slack actually offers a wide range of other benefits that can help deliver great customer success in your business.

Slack can be used by your customer team to coordinate and provide collaborative and great customer care.

Slack can be used as a customer success tool, in the following ways:

  • Build a knowledge-sharing base for your team to search an archive of support activity. This can help solve customer questions and issues faster.
  • Integrate your additional customer success tools with slack, including messaging apps, customer tickets, and monetarization of your social media accounts. By incorporating all your customer inputs into one platform, your team can get a better context and respond immediately.
  • Be notified about customer questions and issues as they happen and resolve them within a short amount of time.

Applying the right customer success tools for your business

The above list of the 8 best free customer success tools you should know, can all get you started on delivering great customer success.

However, be aware that the tools are just that – tools.

It is up to you and your team to apply the tools at the right time and for the right problem-solving processes. When used wisely the tools can deliver sometime small, yet impactful benefits for your company and create customer success.

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