Top 11 Customer Success Podcast to Follow in 2020

customer success podcast

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Entrepreneurs and business owners are having conversations about customer success all over the world. They are discussing everything from how to achieve success, what key elements to focus on, to aspects including measuring and increasing business performance.

You will find these talks everywhere. At public speaking events at conferences, in online chat forums to blog posts. Recently we have come to discover several customer success podcasts, which serve as a comprehensive source of inspiration and information as well.

Some of the great things about podcasts as a medium are that they are both interactive, easily accessible and often podcasted in real-time.

We have gathered a list of the top 11 customer success podcast that we think you should follow in 2020. These are some of the most engaging, educational and interesting podcasts that deal with the subject of customer success.

No matter if you are looking for motivation, guidance or how to improve your skills, here is a list of podcasts for you to tune into.

1) Subscribed

Subscribed is a podcast dealing with the “Subscription Economy” subject and is aimed at entrepreneurs, analysts, and innovators. The podcast is hosted by Angela Ngo, Rachel English, and Tom Krackeler who talk about the expansion of the recurring revenue model.

If you want to learn more about the influence of digital disruptions, subscriber acquisition, overall SaaS topics, and more related subjects this is a podcast just for you.

2) This is CX

This is CX is a podcast focusing on everything related to customer experience and how to create real consumer value. The podcast is hosted by Mike Manfredo and Paul Hagen who are joined by several knowledgeable experts in the different episodes. Here they are discussing all aspects of customer success and help people understand what customer success really is and how to create long-lasting consumer value.

During the episodes, Mike and Paul are sharing their own personal experiences and best practices. They hope to inspire and help companies to get a bit more customer-centric every day.

This is a great podcast providing various actionable takeaways for business leaders and customer success managers.


3) Ramp

Ramp is a SaaS analytic podcast hosted by Cara Hogan. During the many episodes, Cara interviews data analysts, expert leaders, and sales specialists in order to gain more knowledge about how to use analytics to drive SaaS business. People are giving their real-life stories about how they use data to change their firm and create continuous and instant growth.

The podcast is all about SaaS analytics and how to use it in the most efficient way.

4) Strikedeck Radio

In the podcast interview series, Strikedeck Radio listeners can learn much about how to achieve customer success. The podcast is hosted by Kristen Hayer, who is the founder of a customer success consulting firm called The Success League.

In the various podcast episodes, Kristen Hayer is interviewing different company leaders and influencers in Customer Success. They are all happily sharing their details about their own experiences, best practices, and much more valuable insight.

5) The Customer Success Podcast

The Customer Success Podcast is dedicated to revealing best practices, new perspectives and unique stories about leading customer success solutions. The host of the program is Allison Pickens who is Chief Customer Officer at the leading customer success platform provider; Gainsight,

Allison Pickens holds several interviews with special guests including Somit Goyal, Nick Mehta, Geoffrey Moore, and other professionals within the area of customer experience.

6) Customer success conversations

The founder of, Adam Joseph, is the host of the podcast; Customer Success Conversations. This is a podcast series where you can learn more about what it takes to become successful, what customer experience trends you should expect to focus on in the future, how to deal with challenges along the way, and much more.

In each episode, Adam Joseph talks with different leaders within the field of customer success. They all have something valuable and interesting to add about the customer experience conversation. Some of the previous guests include Perry Monaco, Hason Noble, James Lloyd and many more.

7) Churn it up

Churn It Up is a podcast hosted by Aly Mahan, who is the director of customer success at The program is aimed to inspire and educate listeners by giving actionable help and advice in order to succeed.

In the podcast, tips and tricks are provided by some of the best experts and professionals in customer success. They are discussing how to improve everyday customer success practices, what lessons they have learned over the years, as well as past successes and failures. Some of the past guests include Kimberly Porter, Rachel Jennings, Irit Eizips, and more.

It is a great podcast to listen to for anybody who is working on a day-to-day basis with customer experience and support. Furthermore, the podcast is helpful for account managers in any SaaS company.

8) The Value Realized Customer Success Podcast

If you are looking for new perspectives and inspiration that shape tomorrow’s strategies and tactics in the area of customer success you should be turning into The Value Realized, Customer Success Podcast.

This is a podcast that collects experiences and viewpoints from numerous expert leaders within consumer experience. The Value Realized is relevant for any individual, managers, directors, and leadership in this field. Throughout interesting interviews, you will be provided with examples of how different professions have delivered real value to their clients. Former guests of the program include Dave Duke, Kyle Croyle, Frederik Muller and more.

After each episode, you will have learned about some new tools that can help you build and deliver better customer experiences in your organization.

9) The Customer Success Channel

The Customer Success Channel is a podcast discussing relevant topics related to customer success with SaaS entrepreneurs in the worldwide start-up scene. The podcast covers some important and interesting subjects that can help spread information and knowledge as well as answer questions about customer experience, engagement, support, and success.

Some of the previous guests of The Customer Success Channel include Christina Kopka, Michael Redbord, David Etheredge, and more.

10) Customer Bliss: The Human Duct Tape Show

Hosted by Jeanne Bliss you can listen to the podcast; Customer Bliss: The Human Duct Tape Show. Here you will learn about real leadership practices from some major customer experience executives at organizations like Audi, Premera, Airbnb, Walgreens and many more. These leaders are sharing their experiences and will give you their thoughts about why the role of a Chief Customer Officer becomes the human duct tape at any firm.

Listen to CCOs from around the world as they uncover how they obtain traction in modifying their company, leaders, and procedures. Among the past guests, you will find Rachael McBrearty, Samantha Paxson, Ross Garrettson, and more.

11) Webinar and Podcast Series: “The Jasons Take On…”

The Jasons Take On is a webinar and podcast series that offers insightful, honest and fast-paced conversations with two leading “Jasons” in the field of customer success.

Every month “The Jasons Take On” explores a new, interesting topic in customer experience. Each episode contains a relevant and precious interview with actionable details that can help all leaders and CS managers to navigate any customer success challenges they might be facing.


If you want to grow your SaaS organization, we truly believe that one of the best ways is to learn from other SaaS founders, CEOs, and marketers. Therefore, we are confident that SaaS podcasts are becoming more and more popular and relevant.

Any CS team at a SaaS startup should be constantly learning. While there might just be a few established and set ways of doing things in these firms, there are countless brilliant minds that want to share their perspectives on how things could and should be done. And also what should NOT be done.

These podcasts will all provide you with insight, advice, and inspiration to your startup organization. So take a listen to your chosen once from our list of the top 11 customer success podcast to follow in 2020. These can be a valuable and knowledgeable resource to gain perspective and to help you navigate your own SaaS startup journey.

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