Top 12 Best Customer Success Certifications and Training in 2020

customer success certifications and training

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If you want to make sure that you can deliver the outcomes that customers demand today, you need to gain great knowledge about customer success management. Because only when you and your team understand exactly how to meet your customers’ need you can start growing your business.

But how can you begin to shine in Customer Success?

By getting the right training and qualified customer success certificates.

Your business will need a team to focus entirely on customer success. However, it is important that this team is dedicated and has the strengths and skills to build customer relations. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your team take part in different kinds of customer success training. This will allow them to improve the skills they need in order to deliver successful results.

In this blog post, we will outline the top 12 best customer success certificates and training on the market in 2020.

Focus on the basic skills

Yet, before we dig into the different training and customer success certificates for all customer success professionals, there is one thing we want to make clear.

Getting qualified certifications is indeed a great way to learn and develop the right skills within this field. However, there are other important, more basic aspects for you to master as well. These include:

  • Understand your product inside and out. You should always know everything there is to know about your products. In fact, you should be able to explain the functionalities of your product within 10 seconds.
  • Grow your technical writing skills. When handling customer relations you need to excel in communication with your customer. If you cannot explain things accurately, you will not succeed.
  • Learn and use analytics. Numbers and statistics can provide you with so much useful information. So it is essential than you learn and use different types of product and usage analytics, including relevant metrics for your business.
  • Prioritize Operations and SLA’s. Make sure to set up internal operations and service-level agreements for your customers before it is too late. You need to learn about them in order to implement effective systems in your company.

Now let’s review the list of the 12 best certifications and training for Customer Success Managers and Leaders!

Certified Salesforce Admin (ADM 101)

You can start out by becoming a Certified Salesforce Admin (ADM 101). This will give you a lot of advantage in the future as many Customer Success platforms are actually designed to be used with Salesforce. Furthermore, it is a logical progression to move from CRM to Customer Success. Hence, this training should set you off at the right start.

Once you have succeeded in this course, and you feel you possess the right technical skills, you can continue by taking the Certified Salesforce Developer (DEV 201) course.

CSM Bootcamp

By participating in this CSM Bootcamp, you can involve your entire Customer Success Management team in the same training. Here you will gain skills that can help reduce the time it takes to identify a customer success aspect, form a solution, and build an action plan.

Within these sessions, your team will learn how to use the best metrics to monitor your customers at each phase in the customer journey. This will be followed by proactive action plans at each customer journey phase.

Every CSM Bootcamp will be customized to your specific business and Customer Success needs.

At the end of the program, you will all receive a diploma, as well as a certification badge to display on your LinkedIn profile.

Customer Success Manager Certification by Success COACHING

Do you need to learn about the very foundations for customer success? Then this Customer Success Manager Certification training offered by Success Coaching should be just right for you.

Be following this training you will get a comprehensive knowledge of some best practices strategies for you to shine in Customer Success. This customer success certification will provide you with:

  • Knowledge about the foundations of Customer Success.
  • Ability to show others your essential knowledge concerning Customer Success.
  • Build your commitment to professional development, and thereby improve your career opportunities.

One of the benefits of this training is that it is all web-based. In that way, all participants can easily access the courses from any device when it is convenient.

Once you have completed the course, you will be given a shareable URL with your certification for you to distribute, as you like.

CSM Certification Program by The Success League

The Success League provides a training program for all professionals to build their Customer Success skills and become a Certified CSM.

The course consists of 16 parts where all participants will learn about the skills used in a customer success role. This includes everything from managing customer portfolios, onboarding new prospects, to developing account plans. Furthermore, you will be taught how to conduct business reviews for you to improve your overall business reputation. You will also learn how to manage a sales cycle, leading cross-functional teams, and handling difficult conversations.

In addition, the course offers suggested exercises and optional reading materials, which can be useful for users after they have completed the course.

Customer Success Online Training Course by Adopttec

The Customer Success Online Training Course offered by Adopttec is an interactive online training program for all Customer Success professionals. The course covers 10 modules with over 20 lessons to choose from. This includes both fundamental and advanced strategies and tactics that can increase the results of your Customer Success work.

The course will teach you how a customer success team can build a strategic relationship with your customers and how to increase the value of your business from a customer perspective. You will learn how to create better conversations with your customers, and how to drive commitment to success by a structured method.

All participants will also receive a bonus module: “Building tools, collateral, processes, and playbooks for better customer engagement”.


Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist by Cisco

Are you looking for Customer Success training that can give you a reliable framework? Including an essential set of skills and knowledge to build valuable customer relations? Then you should sign up for this Cisco Customer Success Manager Certification training.

This course will help you deliver instant value to your customer relationships. You will be able to prove your capability to develop and integrate the right customer solutions. Furthermore, you will have to identify customer adoption barriers and show how to remove them. You will be taken through the implementation of adoption frameworks and interpretation of customer usage data. Finally, you will have to demonstrate your ability to encourage new sales opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.

The customer success certification will be given after you pass the final exam of the course. The exam is based on a three-day course, but you don’t have to complete the course in order to take the exam.

The course is taught in person, which will allow all participants to get direct and personalized feedback from a certified teacher.

Customer Success Manager 101 by Udemy

If you are completely new to the customer success manager role then this next course is for you. Offered by Udemy, you will get to know the most important aspects of Customer Success in this Customer Success Manager 101 training.

The course will break down the core essentials, including what customer success really is and why it is critical to your company. Furthermore, you will learn about the different responsibilities of being a customer success manager.

Finally, you will be given bonus audio resources, for you to keep after you have completed the final exam.


Managing Difficult Customers by ICMI

This course, offered by ICMI, is slightly different from the remaining customer success certificates and training on this list. Because in this “Managing Difficult Customers” training you will not be learning how to improve every customer success skill.

Instead, this course focuses on unhappy customers! You will get training and knowledge about how to handle customers who are unhappy with your company’s products or services. Your team will be trained in the three core types of difficult customers and how to best manage each customer type.

The course will also involve five specific techniques for handling critical or stressful customers. Yet this will be done without blocking the goals of the customer and risking potential churn.

Customer Success Strategy Workshop by CSM Practice

Customer Success Strategy Workshop is offered by CSM Practice. It is a course that will teach your customer success team on how to create the best strategy for customer success. This includes four core elements: people, programs, processes, and plans. Your team will be taken through every aspect, including creating playbooks, building engagement models, and understand core analytics and health scores. All participants will also learn how to create personas and set the right goals, targets, and budgets for you to succeed.

You will understand how your company can create and perform a long-term customer success plan.

By completing these courses your customer success team will learn how to promote and create valuable customer relationships.

Tri Tuns Certification and Training

If you want to develop great customer success skills and become an expert in Customer Success, then you should visit Tri Tuns. Because Tri Tuns offers a wide selection of customer success training options.

Here you can find training for both individuals and for teams. You can also choose a course based on your current level of expertise within the field of Customer Success. Therefore, whether you are a complete novice or a customer success leader you can find the right course here.

Tri Tuns even offers a free demo of the online training course for you to watch in order to better understand the content of the course.

The training is based on interactive online courses that you can follow at your own pace. There will also be sessions led by an instructor and group coaching calls.


Customer Success Mastermind

You should sign up for this training if you want an industry-recognized customer success certification. The Customer Success Mastermind program is offered by Tri Tuns. However, rather than being a course with a start and finish date this is an ongoing subscription program.

The training will give you all the ongoing learning, coaching and support you require to thrive at Customer Success. It mixes the best customer success online training, coaching, toolkits, live-instructor sessions, and resources you will need to be an expert in this area.


Glide Consulting LLC

Glide Consulting helps SaaS companies to excel in Customer Success. Nils Vinje is the founder and CEO of the company and he has a great passion for training Customer Success managers and leaders.

If you hire him for your next Customer Success training, you will get a training program tailored to your specific needs within your company.

Nils Vinje will incorporate three essential elements:

  • Understand the functions your team performs today.
  • Understand the lack of skillset that is necessary to perform those functions.
  • Create and deliver a customized training program for the function that closes the gaps in skillset.

The training will include everything from scenarios to role-plays. This should result in a great outcome, as the customized training will make the training much more impactful than other, more generic, training.

Previous clients have found this training program crucial to the success of their business. They have learned essential communication skills, in-depth information about their customers, and customer success tactics by participating in his training.


Choose the customer success certificates and training that is right for you

We hope this list has inspired you to start learning more and develop further skills within the Customer Success field.

Just remember that we all learn and improve in different ways, so you have to pick the courses and training that seem most suitable for you.

In addition, all businesses are different, so you need to keep in mind which customer success certificates that can help improve YOUR overall skills to grow YOUR company.

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