12 Best Customer Success Books to Read in 2020

best customer success books

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Would you like to be great at customer success management? Then that is definitely a possibility.

But in order to succeed, you need to acquire the right understanding of just how to do business the right way. You want to gain knowledge about the best way to approach your customers. Furthermore, it is essential that you recognize how you create and use the best customer success programs for your company.

In order for you to be excellent at customer success management, you have to gain the right set of skills, preparations, knowledge, and patience.

How do you get all of that?

By receiving advice and discover new tactics from some of the best experts in this field.

Therefore, we have created a list of the 12 best customer success books to read in 2020. These books will all help you to learn and get new perspectives from insightful authors that are considered experts about customer success management.

The Trusted Advisor, by David H. Maister, Charles H. Green, and Robert M. Galford

The Trusted Advisor book

This book is considered a required tool for all advisors, consultants, and negotiators out there.

The core theme of the book is about how maintaining the trust and confidence of all business customers is vital when running a company. Because today’s digital offerings give us the possibility to build a much deeper connection with our customers. That makes is critical to understand how to manage these customer relationships in an honest and open way.

The Trusted Advisor provides the reader with five steps to take in order to create a trust-based relationship with current customers. The book is indeed helpful for any customer success manager who operates as part of the company’s customer team.

In order to demonstrate the eminent importance of confidence and trust, the authors have included experiences, anecdotes, and examples from their own and other businesses. Both successes and mistakes are outlined, so the reader can get a broad knowledge and learn from them all.

From Impossible to Inevitable, by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin


Do you find it hard to grow your business, even when everyone else seems to be able to do just that? Then this book is for you.

This book will provide you with a template that has been used by some of the world’s most fastest-growing companies. No matter if you have a $100,000 or a $1 billion business you can gain great knowledge about how to increase your revenue.

The book presents three essential questions that every business owner has to ask himself:

  1. Why aren’t you growing faster?
  2. What does it take to get to hyper growth?
  3. How do you sustain growth?

Following, the book provides the reader with a helpful template, including 7 steps. By matching these steps, you will be able to grow your own business. It is basically a checklist that customer success teams can use to fully realize their role in company growth.

Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future – and What to Do About It, by Tien Tzuo and Gabe Weisert

In today’s world, consumers are starting to purchase more and more services compared to physical products. Therefore, as a business owner, you have to start turning your customers into subscribers in order to succeed.

This book will offer the reader a practical step-by-step approach that will teach you how to build a customer-centric business. A business with recurring revenue.

The author will show you just how to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and how to turn your product into a valuable service. It might require some restructuring of your business and some hard work. However, it is definitely doable.

Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine, by Jeanne Bliss

Chief Customer Officer 2.0 Book - Jeanne Bliss

When you read this book, you will be introduced to a proven framework that has driven and improved the entire customer experience transformation in many businesses.

The book presents you with a five-step model that focuses on competency.  It is a practical guide that will teach you how to embed the five competencies into all of your business processes. This includes how your firm develops products, goes to market, facilitates and rewards people, and conducts annual planning.

The five-competency model incorporates:

  1. Manage and Honor Customers as Assets
  2. Align Around Experience
  3. Build a Customer Listening Path
  4. Proactive Experience Reliability and Innovation
  5. One Company Accountability, Leadership & Decision Making

With the Chief Customer Officer 2.0 book, you will quickly learn how to shift your business intent to improve customer success, which ultimately will lead to overall business growth.

This is a must-read for people involved with customer success, and actually any person in a business that handles customers.

What Customers Crave: How to Create Relevant and Memorable Experiences at Every Touchpoint, by Nicholas Webb

What Customers Crave Book - by Nicholas Webb

How well do you know your customers? Are you able to answer that question? If not, you can get help from Nicholas Webb by reading his book.

The book explores how today’s economy is changing consumer expectations and what business owners need to do in order to succeed.

The reader will master how to discover what your customers love and what they hate. Furthermore, you will find numerous tools and examples to master how you can engage with your customers. You will start to connect with your customers across the five most important touchpoints, learn how to co-create with your customers, and so much more.

The Startup’s Guide to Customer Success: How to Champion the Customer of Your Company, by Jennifer Chiang

This book and be helpful for both startups and established business owners. You will be introduced to an actionable framework that can teach you how to plan and develop your customer success team. This needs to be done in a way that makes your company more customer-centric.

The book explains how customer success can help streamline customer experiences, grow product commitment and loyalty. Yet, most importantly, the book will describe how you retain business.

With this book, you will learn how to plan, execute, and grow your own customer success team from a fresh perspective and full of practical recommendations.

The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply Your Results, by Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, Pat Spenner, and Nick Toman

The Challenger Customer turns the picture of the ideal customer upside down. Because even though most people believe that the ideal customer is buyers who are eager and have clearly articulated needs, this is not the case.

Much research now shows that the highest-performing customer success teams focus their time and effort on other potential customers. Customers who are far more skeptical and far less interested in meeting. But why is that?

Because these customer success teams know that big, complex deals increasingly require consensus among a broad range of members across the organization. In these situations, the limiting factor is seldom the salesperson’s inability to get a single stakeholder to agree to a solution. More frequently, it is found to be the stakeholders inside the company that can’t agree with one another about what the problem is.

It seems that it is only a very particular type of customer stakeholder that possesses the persuasive skill, credibility, and willingness to challenge his colleagues to pursue ambitious goals. These challenging customers get deals to the finish line.

The Challenger Customer introduces you to a blueprint that can help you find the challenging customers, how to engage them and get them to effectively challenge their own organization.

The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty, by Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick DeLisi

The Effortless Experience - Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty - book Matthew Dixon Nick Toman

Are you looking to reduce churn and create customer loyalty in your company?

Then this is a must-read for you!

The book, The Effortless Experience, present you with some valuable insights, practical tactics and useful tools that you can start incorporating into your business right away.

The reader will get deep insight as to what really makes customers loyal. But also disloyal. You will understand the importance of creating a simple customer experience at every customer touchpoint in order to develop customer loyalty. This is all explained by outlining four key pillars to follow.

During the book, readers will also be introduced to strong data, surprising insights and profiles of companies that are already using the principles revealed in the book.

Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue, by Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, and Lincoln Murphy

Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue, by Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman, and Lincoln Murphy

The book, Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue proposes that the final goal of Customer Success is to drive high customer lifetime value. This should be done by retaining valuable customers and make upsells by encouraging loyalty.

You will learn in detail, just how to create a customer success strategy. Firstly, you will get an understand of the circumstances that led to the new focus on Customer Success. Then you will learn how to build your own customer success strategy in your company. You will understand how to implement an action plan, from the initial planning stages all the way to the final execution.

It is truly a valuable book that can help you to create successful customer success strategies that will increase growth.

HYPERGROWTH: How the Customer-Driven Model is Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Build Products, Teams, & Brands, by David Cancel

Hyper Growth Book - David Cancel

This is a short book, but that does not make it less essential. Because this book is packed with frameworks, tactics, and strategies that can help any firm to gain hyper-growth. Overall, the book points out how a concentrated focus on a company’s existing customers is vital to drive progress and success.

The reader is presented with David Cancel’s own story and experiences. It outlines how he tested a customer-driven approach with a product team at Performable. Then he converted a complete organization (HubSpot), and finally created a new movement (Drift) with the customer-driven model.

Practical Customer Success Management: A Best Practice Framework for Rapid Generation of Customer Success, by Rick Adams

Practical Customer Success Management- A Best Practice Framework for Rapid Generation of Customer Success Book - Rick Adams

Practical Customer Success Management is a comprehensive manual for all customer success managers. The intention of the books is to improve both productivity and persistence of output quality for customer success managers. The book is helpful for managers at all levels, from relative novices through to experienced professionals.

The reader will find that the book is highly practical and filled with very direct advice and support for dealing with the types of situations that CSMs face every day.

You will be presented with a framework that explains what the core customer success management steps are at each stage of the customer journey and how to apply them. In addition, there will be recommendations for activities or tasks that the CSM can perform to complete each step.

Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success, by Guy Nirpaz and Fernando Pizarro

Farm Don’t Hunt- The Definitive Guide to Customer Success BOOK - Guy Nirpaz and Fernando Pizarro

With its 140 pages, this is a short read. However, that does not make the book any less relevant. It is a great way to learn more about customer success.

Guy Nirpaz is unquestionably a pioneer in the customer success space. This book will be just right for you if you are new to customer success management, and need to understand the very fundamentals of it all.

Because even though many business leaders have heard of Customer Success, very few actually understand what it really means. Even fewer business leaders have the knowledge and experience to build Customer Success function and optimize its performance.

You will learn the essentials of the customer success theory and be provided with practical action objects for implementing a customer success strategy. The book presents a simple and insightful way to understand customer success.

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