22 Best Customer Success Blogs To Follow In 2020

best customer success blogs

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We all know it! We live in an ever-changing world and everything is developing and changing by the minute.

This is certainly also the reality when it comes to understanding and managing Customer Success in any company. Therefore, being a founder or CEO of a SaaS company can seem challenging.

How do you keep up with all the new trends, ideas, and tactics concerning Customer Success?

A good way to start is by reading and following some of the world’s best Customer Success Blogs. These blogs can provide you with the most recent knowledge, development, and expertise within this area. Because the authors of some of the best Customer Success blogs are continuously sharing their own ideas, strategies, theories, etc. on these online platforms.

Therefore, we have put together a list for you of the 22 top best Customer Success Blogs that you should follow.

Below you can read a short description of some of the experts, their experiences and the online content they create. This should help you get an understanding of which blogs that seem right for you to follow.




Annette Franz is the woman behind the CX JOURNEY blog. She is the founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., which is a customer experience strategy consulting company.

She is known to be a thought leader in Customer Success with more than 25 years of experience as a customer experience consultant. Furthermore, she was selected one of “The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business.

Annette has help firms understand their customers and employees. Moreover, she has helped to identify what drives satisfaction, engagement, and retention for many businesses.

She is also the author of the book “Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of the Business)”.


2) Sixteen Ventures

Lincoln Murphy is one to follow when it comes to Customer Success, thought leadership, and growth strategies. He even hosts workshops and does public speaking about these topics around the world.

He is the founder of the blog Sixteen Ventures where he writes about customer-centric growth through leadership. In addition, he is the co-author of the book: “Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue”.

3) For Entrepreneurs

David Skok is the author behind the blog For Entrepreneurs, where he writes about his perspective and thoughts regarding Customer Success. He mostly focuses on churn and how companies can reduce it.

David is best known as a five-time entrepreneur and today he is a VC that is investing in software and internet companies worldwide.


4) CCO Council

Curtis Bingham is the founder of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council, which is a member-led network of consultants that offers unique insight within the important problems that chief customer officers face every day. This is a place where CCOs can share all of their concerns, ideas, and develop best practices. The knowledge sharing should all help them and their companies to gain customer success.

Curtis share his most valuable insights and expertise within this area on the

CCO Council blog. He is definitely an experienced and knowledge leader in the industry.


5) SaaStr

SaaStr is a great blog to learn about Customer Success. It is written by Jason Lemkin, who is Adobe’s former VP of Web Services and has now turned VC Investor.

Jason has comprehensive knowledge about how to build and incorporate customer success into any organization. Yet, he is also the co-writer of the book: “From Impossible to Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue” together with Aaron Ross. One of the chapters in the book deals with the buyer to customer journey, which is seen to be an essential part of customer growth.


6) Tomasz Tunguz

The active blogger behind Tomtunguz.com is Tomasz Tunguz. In this space, he shares insightful advice and learnings for all entrepreneurs. He highly believes that Customer Success has to be a central strategy of any SaaS startup from the very first day.

In addition, Tomasz is the co-author of the book: “Winning with Data: Transform Your Culture, Empower Your People, and Shape the Future”. The book outlines the cultural changes big data delivers to many businesses and teaches the reader how to adjust your company to leverage data to greatest effect.


7) Elli WU

Ellie Wu is the woman writing on the blog Picture CS. Here you will find some of the best advice and strategies on Customer Success. You can learn about customer experience and how to turn your businesses into a customer-focused organization.

Ellie is the Senior Director of Customer Experience Transformation at SAP Concur. She is also on the list of MindTouch’s Top 100 Global CS Strategists.


8) Irit Eizips

Irit Eizips is not only the Chief Customer Officer at CSM Practice, but she is also the CEO of this business. This is a small consulting firm that provides high-quality assistance in all areas of Customer Success.

Irit has more than 20 years of experience as a customer success leader and writes the CSM Practice blog where you can find great advice and helpful strategies. She was voted Top 100 Customer Success Strategists since 2013 and is considered a significant thought leader in the discipline of Customer Success.


9) Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré is truly a knowledge leader in the SaaS field! Her focus area is not only within Customer Success but also include marketing and product management.

She possesses big expertise that covers many verticals, which gives her a unique and extensive perspective in her consulting roles and the articles that she writes. You can read more on her blog. She has also published the book: “SaaS Growth Playbook”.


10) Phil O’Doherty

Phil O’Doherty has many years of experience building and scaling Customer Success teams and plans. He is very enthusiastic about coaching, recruiting, and growing high performing teams that apply data and predictive models that can help grow customer success in developing organizations. Phil currently works as the Senior Manager, Customer Success Strategy & Operations at Hubspot.

Phil covers all every area of Customer Success on his blog called Keep|Grow, which is worth a read for anyone wishing to succeed within this field.


11) User IQ

User IQ helps companies to understand the full value of customer success. This is done by equipping customer success teams with customer insights, user engagement tools, and product analytics.

On the User IQ blog, you can read more about how to center your business on customer success by a customer-driven approach.



Kristen Hayer is the founder and CEO of the Success League. She has great expertise with more than 20 years of primarily working with growth-stage tech companies. She holds that Customer Success is the key to offer exceptional customer experiences, maintain customer retention, and making revenue.

Kristen has great expertise within the areas of creating the best customer journey, improving success goals and metrics, selecting technology, building playbooks, and coaching teams.


13) Userlane Software Adoption Blog

Userlane is an online platform that offers a navigation system for software, where they explain the end-user where to click next and help them accomplish tasks online.

They also provide online users with a great blog, where you can read about everything from Customer Success and customer experience to digitally transform and the field of SaaS.

Furthermore, you will be able to access some useful and informative resources, such as webinars, playbooks, eBooks, and guides.


14) Customer bliss

Jeanne Bliss is the founder of the blog called Customer Bliss. Her written content never disappoints, as she is a well-known expert in the area of Customer Success.

Jeanne has led customer experience at companies such as Mazda and Microsoft and therefore holds many years of experience. She is also the co-founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association.


16) Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is the author behind the award-winning, bestselling book Predictable Revenue. He has been guiding companies on how to double or even triple new sales ever since he helped Salesforce grow from a $ 5million to a $100 million business.

He and his team write expert content on the blog Predictable Revenue blog, which is a must-read for any founder or CEO of a SaaS business.


17) Mikael Blaisdell

Mikael Blaisdell is the man behind The Customer Success Association. This is a team of experts that will help your business to actively manage your customer relationships, in a way that will make you retain and optimize your company’s customer relationship to the maximum.

They have created The Customer Success Wiki in order to build a place for common knowledge sharing in regards to Customer Success.


18) Alex Bakula-Davis

If you want to get tips, information, and advice regarding Customer Success you should subscribe to The Customer Success Newsletter, with Alex Bakula-Davis at the steering while.

The newsletter is sent out to all subscribers every week, including a collection of four of the most helpful and inspiring articles from around the world in regards to Customer Success.


19) Nello Franco

Nello Franco is the author behind the blog of the same name. On the blog, Nello share his insights from many years of firsthand training with Customer Success.  He is giving his expertise and exchanging ideas with others in everything regarding customer experience management and Customer Success. His core focus is to enable companies to provide ongoing value to their customers, build a loyal clientele, and finally grow revenue.

Nello has worked with both startups and publicly traded companies – all with a common purpose: to create customer value by the use of technology-powered solutions.


20) Bluenose

Bluenose is a customer success platform that is designed to help SaaS companies manage their customer base. A special focus is on reducing churn and increasing the cross-sell and upsell opportunities in every business.

They use insight from any user data in order to create a complete view of each end-user, to understand them better. Bluenose can also provide insight into the overall lifetime value of a customer and thereby help companies with overall growth.


21) Success COACHING

Todd Eby and Andrew Marks are the Co-founders of Success COACHING. They know that Customer Success can only be achieved if the people in charge possess the right knowledge, skills, and abilities. Therefore, they want to help any CSM to understand methods and strategies that are essential to delivering Customer Success. Therefore, they offer Customer Success training with a focus on how to reduce churn, increase user adoption and drive more renewals.

With years of experience within the field of Customer Success, Success Coaching has helped some of the world’s leading companies with their CSM strategies.

On their Customer Success Blog, you can gain valuable insight, tactics, and advice about anything concerning Customer Success.


22) Pendo Blog

Pendo offers some of the best software solution to help grow your SaaS business. They combine strong product usage analytics with user guidance, feedback, and planning tools in order to provide the most comprehensive integrated platform for any digital product teams.

By using Pendo, product teams can start to understand product usage, accumulate feedback, measure sentiment, and acquire new users.

They have helped everything from Fortune 500 enterprises to B2B tech startups, NGOs, and organizations around the world. Therefore, they truly know what they are doing.

On their Pendo Blog, you can get even greater knowledge and advice about how you can start to succeed with Customer Success in your company.



So there you have our list of the 22 top best Customer Success blogs to read and follow. We are confident that at least some of them will be useful to you.

We recommend that you spend a few minutes on each blog and see if the content and the tone of style is something that suits you. Then you can carry pick the once you feel will benefit you the most and provide you with the greatest information.

Happy reading!

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