18 Best Customer Retention Tools for SaaS Business in 2020

best customer retention tools

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You have probably heard about the 80/20 rule. This is used in many aspects of businesses today. Yet, the most important is in relation to customer retention.

The rule states that 80% of your earnings will come from 20% of your customer base. However, in order to achieve that you need to keep the profitable customers sticking around. If they leave your firm, your profits disappear with them.

Below you will find a list of the 18 best customer retention tools that will help increase retention and create more revenue from your current customers.

The retention tools are divided into the following subcategories: billing solutions, email marketing, product usage, support, loyalty programs, CRM, and customer health score tool.


Billing Solutions

If you are a SaaS business owner you want to make sure you have a proper subscription management software to handle your billings. The right billing solution will manage your subscribers’ transactions and billing cycles so you can get a consistent revenue. Furthermore, it can reduce churn and recovers fees from declined payments.


1) Chargify 

chargify customer retention tool

Chargify is a billing and revenue software that is created to help SaaS companies around the world. This will help you to improve your relationship with your clients, by providing fast services that overall improve your business’ quality.

Some of the main features of Chargify includes:

  • Track and manage subscriptions to improve your relationships with clients.
  • Handles free trial periods refunds, one-time fees, and promotions.
  • Sends out reminders of failed attempts to extract funds from credit cards.
  • Allowing you to choose from 20+ popular payment gateway choices.
  • Analytics and insights that will help you understand the health of your consumer relationships.

Pricing: Packages range from $40 to $1,000 depending on the number of customers you have.


2) Braintree

braintree customer retention tool

You often find that subscription billing systems will require an integration with a separate payment management system. Such systems often come with hidden fees. However, Braintree offers a simple and transparent payment management system where you don’t have to worry about monthly subscription fees. Braintree combines multiple payment options in one solution.

The Braintree software includes:

  • Full coverage of payment options, which allow you to expand on various platforms. Braintree is therefore great for firms that are big enough to start expanding to multiple platforms or internationally.
  • It can work across all platforms, including mobile apps and websites.
  • There are no minimums or monthly fees. Instead, you only pay for the transactions you process.
  • Solid international availability and currency settlement options.
  • High data security, with Braintree making vital features to protect your customers’ information

Pricing: Your pricing will vary based on the size of your consumer and the platform where they use your product.


3) Pabbly

pabbly customer retention tool

Pabbly is a management software for SaaS businesses that can manage your subscriptions. With this tool, you can automate your subscription life cycle processes. It also includes an affiliate management system.

One good thing about this subscription management software for SaaS is that it is affordable for both small, medium and large SaaS businesses.

Some of the main features include:

  • Sales analytics reports.
  • Unlimited invoice creation where you can track all the payments.
  • No transaction fee.
  • A joint platform that allows you to collect both one-time payments and recurring payments.
  • Integrations with third-party apps.

Pricing: Pabbly subscription management software has three plans: Starter – $6/month, Rookie – $24/month and the Pro – $49/month.


Email marketing

Email marketing is still used as a solid growth channel. However, you also need to use this service to send out loyalty emails that can boost revenue through better retention.

4) GMass

gmass customer retention tool

GMass is a mass email service working from right inside your Gmail account. Here you can segment your email messages based on the different user groups you have among your clients. Then you can give people a reason to actually open your emails because of the relevant content.

Some of the major benefits of GMass is:

  • It sends your emails as a mail-merge campaign in Gmail instead of a full-service blast.
  • Send out emails as replies to the latest thread for each consumer.
  • You can connect your emails to google sheets.
  • Create personalized and schedule emails.
  • Track email opens and clicks.

Pricing: Minimal: $9/month – Standard: $13/month – Premium: $20/month.


5) Mailchimp

mailchimp customer retention tool

Mailchimp is an exceptional email marketing platform, which you can use to remind your customers of your value proposition. Furthermore, if you use email automation it can help you retain customers because it proves ongoing dedication.

Key benefits of using Mailchimp includes:

  • Gather your audience data in one place and create relevant content for your users.
  • Create special retention emails that encourage lost customers to come back.
  • Track your users and send out emails to buyers who have gone longer than average since the last time they logged in, and make valuable offers.
  • Integrates with a large number of other platforms, allowing you to integrate Mailchimp with your preferred platforms.
  • Attract new customers by capturing information about customers through pop-up forms and build lookalike audiences with the information you have received.

Pricing: Choose between four different plans: Free – Essentials: $10/month – Standard: $15/month – Premium: $300/month.


6) Woodpecker

woodpecker cutomer retention tool

Woodpecker.co is used by many B2B companies because it gives you the opportunity to customize, automate and track outbound sales campaigns in an easy way. It is an email marketing automation tool, where you can send emails and follow-ups from Gmail and Outlook.

Main features of Woodpecker.co:

  • It automatically tracks your different email marketing metrics and sales emails. Including stats like open rate, click-through rate, sent emails and delivered emails.
  • Email personalization where you can add custom fields and snippets to give your mass emails a personal touch.
  • Set up automated follow-ups emails for your email campaigns.
  • Simple campaign scheduling where you can schedule all your emails and follow-ups in advance.
  • Have duplicated emails detected automatically

Pricing: Choose between three different plans: Start-up: $40/month – Team Pro: $50/month – Enterprise: get custom pricing.


Analyze How Customers Use Your Product

It is a must-have for any SaaS company to have a tool where you can analyze how consumers are using your products.  Such a tool can provide you with important information about a particular buyer’s activity or lack of the same. You need to understand what your users like, want and need in order to increase customer retention. Once you know their activity, you will be capable of knowing when to react and prevent a consumer from being lost.


7) Google analytics

google analytics customer retention tool

Google Analytics is a great tool to track customer engagement and usage. One simple way to use Google Analytics is to track your consumers’ login regularity. It can be priceless information to know how often they log into their account, in terms of what their future actions will be.

Some of the key benefits of Google Analytics are:

  • You will get a deeper understanding of your customers.
  • It is a free tool that allows you to analyze all your business data in one place.
  • Prepare and share your data immediately with an easy-to-use interface and reports that are easy to share.
  • Get a better understanding of your website and app users, to better estimate the performance of your marketing, products, content, and more.
  • Gain unique data from Google’s unique insights and machine learning resources, that will help you get the most out of your data.

Pricing: Free


8) KissMetrics

kissmetrics customer retention tool

By using Kissmetrics, you will be able to identify, understand, and improve the metrics that drive your SaaS company. It gives you the possibility to get the information you need to make better product and marketing decisions.

Key features of KissMetrics includes:

  • It lets you view your consumers’ retention stats by acquisition channel.
  • Track and analyze to see if people are really using your key features.
  • You can get an understanding of which search terms bring the most revenue for your firm.
  • Track how often consumers are leaving and who they are.
  • Learn which marketing campaigns are generating the most valuable users to your website.

Pricing: Starting from $250.00/month.


9) Amplitude

amplitude customer retention tool

Amplitude provides you with the best option for finding your product’s sticky features. It is a tool allowing you to quantify what your customers are doing and group them based on their behavior.

Main benefits of using Amplitude includes:

  • Understand the key features that make customers coming back continuously.
  • Learn about your usage and retention model, where you will understand your product’s retention for new and activated users.
  • Understand the behaviors and features that create repeat purchases and retention.
  • Get easy access to tracking your customer lifecycle to view changes in retention at each stage.

Pricing: Choose between three different plans: Free – Growth – Enterprise. Contact the sales team for exact pricing for your company.



Strong customer service is highly important for any SaaS business. Not only can it turn a prospect into a buying customer, however, poor customer service can also turn off loyal customers very fast. The right customer support tool is therefore essential for any company.


10) Zendesk

zendesk customer success tool

Zendesk is an automatic help desk interface that allows you to provide user support in an easy way. With the Zendesk software, you can track, solve customer support tickets, and prioritize. Overall, this tool should help your team to be more productive when handling customer interactions.

Main features of the Zendesk customer support tool includes:

  • Track customer feedback in order to analyze and utilize data to optimize customer satisfaction.
  • Use a multilingual interface to offer customer support in over 40 languages.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) views, allowing your team to easily follow SLA status and avoid any gaps.
  • Channel interactions across social media, email, chat, and phone so customers can communicate with you across multiple channels.
  • Ticket forms, where you can create different support request forms. You can thereby provide assistance for multiple issues.

Pricing: Choose between three different plans: Support: $5/month – The Suite: $89/month – Build your own: custom pricing.

11) Groove

groove customer retention tool

Groove is a customer support platform that is very easy to use. One of the main advantages of using a tool like Groove is that you will be able to provide your customers with exactly what they ask for because you get a deep understanding of their needs and wants.

Main benefits of using Groove support platform:

  • It allows your team to collaborate on all customer calls, emails, and social media posts in one place.
  • It provides a live chat feature for easy accessibility.
  • Integration into existing systems such as Gmail and Outlook.
  • Be able to measure how well your team is doing and help them improve where needed.

Pricing: Choose between four different plans: Starter: $9/month – Plus: $19/month – Pro: $29/month – Company: custom pricing.


12) Intercom

Intercom Customer retention tool

Intercom is a well-known customer messaging platform allowing you to communicate with your existing customers or prospective customer. This can be done through different media such as the Intercom app, on your business website, through email or even via social media. Buy individual tools or bundles to enhance the customer experience at your company.

With the Intercom customer support software, you are able to:

  • Facilitate an answer bot to help users with instant answers 24/7.
  • Apply a live chat with your customers directly on your website or on a mobile app.
  • Use a joint inbox to answer customer questions faster as a team.
  • Provide a help center full of relevant articles for your customers, to help answer any questions they might have.
  • Track and use valuable data about your customers’ conversation history, in order to provide quick and correct answers in the future.

Pricing Starts at $49/month for eligible startups; $136/month depending on # of users/customers.


Loyalty programs

Customer retention is closely connected to customer satisfaction and your ability to keep your user interested and engaged in your services. Therefore, loyalty programs can be a great way to maintain consumers by creating a sense of surprise and anticipation.


13) Loyverse

loyverse customer retention tool

Loyverse is a point of sale system where a customer does the payment for goods or services bought from a company. With this software, you will be able to manage inventory, sell products directly from mobile devices, visualize sales analytics and manage customer relationships. Everything that should help keep your customers loyal and keep them coming back.

Key benefits if Loyverse is:

  • Provides practical features such as receipts, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and coupons.
  • Offers modules for customer communication and sales analytics.
  • Advanced analytics for your customer database that can help you identify your most loyal customers.
  • Deliver the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed or sent to an email.

Pricing: The standard features are all free, with paid add-ons.

14) Vyper

vyper customer retention tool

Vyper is a cloud-based marketing software that provides you with features that can enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Businesses can add many different features to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

The main benefits of Vyper include:

  • Apply referral campaigns, gamification, rewards, and loyalty programs on your website.
  • Send out automatic follow-up and reminder emails to customers with relevant links.
  • Consumers can use the software to collect bonus points through incentives by inviting friends.
  • Consumers can utilize their rewards by using embedded coupon codes.

Pricing: Free plan, which supports up to 250 users – Pro pack:  $49/month.



With a customer relationship management platform, you are able to track and manage a customer’s entire journey, from onboarding to closing sales. With all the customer information stored in one place, both external communication with potential clients and internal communication within your company are improved and made more productive.


15) Hubspot

hubspot customer retention tool

Hubspot provides a software solution that can help you track, coordinate, and develop better relationships with your customers.

The service hub software incorporates:

  • Deploy surveys in order to gather customer feedback that can enhance your customer experience.
  • A collective inbox for your team to manage customer emails, chats and more from just one place.
  • Creating a knowledge base with helpful articles and resources concerning your customers’ most frequently asked questions.
  • Apply a conversational bot that can divert customers to relevant help articles and relevant chat agents.
  • A live chat function on your website to interact in real-time with your customers.
  • A ticket system to coordinate and prioritize customer inquiries and concerns.

Pricing: Starts free; $1,200/month for 10 users


16) Zoho

zoho customer retention tool

Zoho is a CRM tool that focuses principally on lead and contact management, as well as sales pipeline management and purchase control. It is a tool that is easy to scale in order to fit the needs of your company.

Main features of the Zoho CRM tool includes:

  • Email campaign management
  • Reach customers across every channel from mobile phone email, live chat, and social media.
  • Social media channel oversight
  • Measure the effectiveness of your client communication and discover the best time and channel to reach out to your customers
  • Real-time notifications when customers interact with your business
  • Sales tracking to better understanding your business.

Pricing: Four plans are offered, ranging from $12 to $100 monthly.


17) Salesforce

salesforce sutomer retention tool

Salesforce is another great CRM tool that features comprehensive solutions to help you manage your consumer relationships. You will be able to track all customer information and interactions through this one single and very powerful platform.

Key benefits when using Salesforce:

  • Get the opportunity to unify multiple apps.
  • Utilize the mobile app that features real-time data and custom reports that can be accessed remotely.
  • Salesforce integrates with a large number of external tools and apps, including email.

Pricing: There are three different plans: The Lightning Essentials: $25/month – Lightning Enterprise: $150/month – Unlimited $300/month


Customer Health score tool

It is essential for all SaaS businesses to have a 360-degree view of the clients’ health. This is necessary in order to increase the renewal rate where buyers make frequent purchases as well as increase the success of your buyers.


18) Saizmo

saizmo customer retention tool

An excellent online software on the market that can help you to achieve customer success management is Saizmo. Saizmo can help SaaS companies to recognize which customers that might be about to churn before they actually do. Then you can take action and prevent that from happening. This gives you the possibility to retain more of your existing customers.

Key benefits of using Saizmo:

  • Monitor customer health based on your business KPIs.
  • Create health profiles for each user that align the customer journey from onboarding to renewal. This will allow you to identify high-risk accounts and take action.
  • Track and segment the customer journey with specific goals that are relevant to your product or service and take action based on what you learn.
  • Gather comprehensive data to analyze user behavior and get answers to your questions.

Pricing Starter $99/month – Standard $499/month.



As you will probably understand by now, it is no longer just about getting new customers all the time. Rather the focus should be on keeping the once you already have.

Customer retention is of high importance, and maintaining that loyalty is progressively getting more difficult. However, by using the right tools it will be easier for you to carry out the best retention strategies. It is a long-term investment, and it take both time and effort. But it will definitely be worth it!

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