Our story

We are stable, self-funded and low stress company.

Saizmo was created in 2018 by Kamel, Marcos and Jose. 3 B2B SaaS experts dedicated to be part of the customer-centric movement that is driving adoption, loyalty, and growth in SaaS.

Saizmo is that rare software product: one that we love working on and that our customers enjoy using.

We are proud to be small, independent and self-funded company. That means we’re going to be around for the long term.

There will be no sudden demands by investors that change everything about our product overnight. and no sudden disappearance because we are not growing 20% month-on-month.

You can sign up for Saizmo safe in the knowledge that we will keep improving our product and supporting you.

Join a growing number of companies using Saizmo

We’ve created a product that helps SaaS companies to quickly understand how’s the health of their entire business.

Our customers go from B2B SaaS entreprise-level companies to SaaS bootstrapped startups.

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Carrer de Provença 339, 08037 Barcelona (Spain).

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