Finally, Customer Success Management Simplified

Saizmo helps B2B SaaS companies understand which customers are about to churn, before they actually do, so that you can take actions and retain them.

The Saizmo difference: easy to use, fast to set up and affordable solution

Reduce churn and ensure product adoption.

Get clear visibility into product adoption, customer engagement, and your own Customer Success processes.

No-code setup in 5 minutes or less

Don’t waste time with a complex implementation. With Saizmo you get results in hours, not weeks.

Understand your customers lifecycle

Increase customer satisfaction during onboarding, ensure contract renewals, and turn customers into advocates.

Identify at-risk customers to reduce unwanted churn

Monitor customer health based on your true KPIs. Build health profiles that align the customer journey from onboarding to renewal. Identify high-risk accounts, take action.

Turn your Intercom into a Customer Success Platform

Wouldn’t you like to know how your customer base is doing? Whether your MRR is at risk or not? The warnings of customers about to churn? With Saizmo, you can!

Streamline your onboarding. Nail your renewals.

Saizmo helps you define and measure how well your Customers are proceeding through each stage of the Customer Journey.


Empower your customer success team and reduce churn today.